Liberals Backing Wisconsin’s February Union Protests Hypocritically Cease January Calls for “Civil Discourse”

Following the tragic assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords in January of this year, the liberal establishment and their accomplices in media began demanding a return to “civil discourse” in the American political arena.

We weren’t fooled for a second. Their feigned calls for civility amounted to a lame (and equally despicable) attempt to blame the Tea Party for the Tucson massacre. Of course, absolutely no evidence linked the shooter to a defined ideology – or a coherent reality, for that matter. The “Sarah Palin made him do it” storyline gradually subsided for lack of credibility but oh! Leading liberals quickly discard their old talking points when, just six short weeks later, a new opportunity to exploit a difficult situation for political advantage presents itself.

Ask yourselves the following question, Save Jerseyans: Why hasn’t President Obama, his allies in Congress, or comrades in the media condemned the objectively hateful rhetoric being spewed on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin? Unlike the Giffords situation, there is a direct, causal link between the Democrat Party’s rhetoric and the obscene display outside the Wisconsin statehouse:


We previously reported that New Jersey unions intend to try and replicate a similar sad display in Trenton this Friday.

Let them!

A recent national poll by Clarus Research Group seems to represent the trend: 64% oppose the unionization of public workers! We’re witnessing a sea change in taxpayer attitudes towards the public employee unions that have bled them dry in states like California, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin and yes, New Jersey. No wonder our own Governor Christie’s approval rating is well into positive territory. At this rate, maybe a massive CWA/NJEA hissy fit on the State House steps can give the Governor another bump?

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  1. You do know, of course, that republicans are in unions also…don't you? Not all dems are in unions…and, not all unions are dems. Just ask Justin. He's in a union.

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