Should Kim Can Carl?

Administrative Judge John Schuster is recommending that Carl “Silky Slim” Lewis remain on the ballot in the race for LD8 state senator, Save Jerseyans. Burlington Republicans, however, vow to fight on.

Senator Addiego’s camp just released the following statement via consultant Chris Russell:

“Despite nearly two hours of testimony, Mr. Lewis and his Camden County Political Machine attorney were unable to convince the Judge that Mr. Lewis is a resident of New Jersey, as is required to run for New Jersey State Senate. In fact, Mr. Lewis’ was forced to admit during the hearing that he voted in California as recently as 2009, only registered to vote in New Jersey on the day he announced his candidacy, and apparently has not paid any income taxes in New Jersey.

Furthermore, the Judge ruled that Mr. Lewis and the Democrats failed to make a compelling argument that the 4-year constitutional residency requirement should be eliminated, as they repeatedly claimed it should be. In essence, the Judge punted due to the fact that he didn’t have enough time to fully develop the record in this case.

We remain confident that at the conclusion of the legal process Mr. Lewis will be found ineligible to run for the New Jersey State Senate based on the indisputable facts in this case. Mr. Lewis is the very definition of a carpetbagger who, despite his celebrity status, should have to play by the same rules as everybody else.”

Russell is calling this a “punt” because the Judge’s opinion isn’t final by any means. The ultimate decision belongs to New Jersey’s Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State, Kim Guadagno. There’s legal and political arguments that can (and will) be made regardless of what the Lt. Governor ultimately decides.

So should she or shouldn’t she? Let us know what you think:


Should Lt. Governor Guadagno Toss Carl Lewis from the Ballot?
Yes! He didn’t meet the residency requirements.
No! This is a losing argument for the GOP.
Not Sure. free polls

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