Christie Lectures Obama on Business Relations: “Stop Dictating” and “Start Talking”

Governor Chris Christie addressed the national Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) at their annual conference last Thursday.

As always, he seized on the opportunity to make a passionate sales pitch for doing business in New Jersey. The Pharmaceutical Industry is, after all, big business in New Jersey: 460,500 state residents work for drug companies and another 150,000 are employed by businesses that rely on servicing or supplying drug companies.

His speech was full of satisfying fiscally conservative nuggets (listen to the whole thing if you have a free lunch), but what the Governor had to say about our President is particularly likely to turn some heads.

Fast forward to 16:40, where Governor Christie contrasted his approach to business relations with that of President Barack Obama: “I think it would do the President well to start having those conversations, rather than standing behind the seal of the presidency and dictating that he knows better than everybody about how to do everything. It’s about collaboration.”


Obama has taken some flack for his detached, then downright rude and nasty approach to the ongoing congressional budget process. Governor Christie’s direct criticism is somewhat remarkable since he isn’t usually the President’s harshest critic. The Governor prefers to restrict himself to state-centric issues. For example, he strongly criticized “ObamaCare” but declined to join New Jersey to the lawsuit of 26 other states.

Governor Christie concluded his remarks to the pharmaceutical reps by correctly noting that his positive polling position is a byproduct of a proactive, decisive, unafraid method of governance. Yet another contrast with the increasingly unpopular President!

5 thoughts on “Christie Lectures Obama on Business Relations: “Stop Dictating” and “Start Talking”

  1. I don't even think you get the irony of this post. How totally hypocritical of Christie the bully talking about collaboration. And for you to post this up is just too funny for words.

  2. Not to mention, you must live in an alternate universe when it comes to polling. Christie loses to Obama in his home state. Christie approval under 50% and dropping like a rock. NJ voters disapprove of his education agenda.

    You guys must be on acid.

  3. First we have a president that demands we have health insurance ,then we have a administration that take over the banks ,as well as the auto companies … we have a president (National Labor Relations Board under President Obama) telling a company Boeing to bring an airplane production line back to its unionized facilities in Washington State instead of moving the work to a nonunion plant in South Carolina… .

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