Christie-Backed Pension Overhaul Clears New Jersey General Assembly

The Governor’s sponsored pension reform package passed the State Assembly tonight, 46 – 32. A total of 14 Democrats crossed the aisle to support the historic legislation. Having already cleared the Senate, the bill now heads for Governor Christie’s desk.

This legislation will have immediate and far-reaching consequences for 500,000 state employees (yes, we have that many) and the millions of taxpayers who pay them. Everyone involved in its passage deserves congratulations for displaying a measure of political courage that’s all too rare in today’s political discourse. And the embattled NJEA? Their neutered leadership is going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning, Save Jerseyans…


63 thoughts on “Christie-Backed Pension Overhaul Clears New Jersey General Assembly

  1. I haven't seen the 2010 Census yet, but in 2000, there were 8 million residents in New Jersey. If you've got a half million state 'workers', that's 1/16th of the entire population. No farookin wonder you're broke.

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