Pension Reform Battle Explained: Will Elected Reps or Union Bosses Govern New Jersey’s Financial Future?

Historic events continue to unfold in Trenton, Save Jerseyans. Thousands of union thugs continue to descend on the state capital grounds to protest Governor Christie and the “Norcross Democrat” coalition. They’re screaming, chanting and convulsing in the streets over their feigned loss of “human rights” to be actualized if S-2937 achieves passage.

The primary human right that they’re determined to preserve is the “right” to engage in collective bargaining. This process isn’t incorporated anywhere in the state constitution. It is, however, an extremely important process for power-hungry union bosses. That’s because bosses can presently spend their members’ union dues on millions of dollars worth of political advertising targeted at electing the politicians with whom union lawyers (and this is the key part – pay attention!) sit down to directly negotiate their OWN salaries and benefits!!!

Click here for just a few contemporary examples of how this obviously TERRIBLE arrangement has cost state taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars of the the years. Greed, deceit, and even sex… it’s insanity in action!

Hence, you can easily see why the most “controversial” portion of the Christie-backed reform package for public employee union members is its mechanism for enactment. Instead of allowing union bosses and politicians whom they’ve donated select health benefits packages (an obvious conflict of interest, right?), future health benefits contribution plans will be voted on by elected legislators.

That means the people’s representatives – and not the state’s public employee union bosses – will ultimately decide how taxpayer monies are allotted. The logic behind this reform is unassailable…. there’s a reason why we wouldn’t allow a litigant to pick his or her own judge in court, nor would we permit a basketball team to choose the referee before the game. And the projected savings of a fairer system (estimated at roughly $120 billion over 30 years) are worth the effort, too.

Now your district legislators need to know that YOU think so! CLICK HERE to enter your municipality and locate your legislators’ contact information. Call their offices ASAP and demand their support for a process where citizens can vote for their financial future and NOT surrender it to the union bosses!

31 thoughts on “Pension Reform Battle Explained: Will Elected Reps or Union Bosses Govern New Jersey’s Financial Future?

  1. A sentence straight from the Declaration of Independence…"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."How collective take away our" unalienable rights" via collective bargaining arrangements.Collective bargaining agreements take away the right of individuals to pursue a career of their dreams void of union affiliation

    Collective bargaining agreements force individuals into organizations against the free will of those members

    Collective bargaining agreements force union dues out of members who do not even want to belong

    Collective bargaining agreements dictate what members can and cannot do with their free time.

    Collective bargaining agreements even dictate what non-members can and cannot do with their free time!..Union firefighters are frequently prohibited from being volunteer fire department workers for their city…Union rules prohibit volunteers from helping schools paint, trim shrubbery, answer phones, clean blackboards,or volunteer to do a union worker job .I get pleasure /happiness out of doing volunteer work . There is no right or privilege that can force someone into a union, otherwise stripping them of the ability to pursue the career of their dreams……You can have "rights that force other people to lose theirs !

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