GOP Prez Poll: Romeny-Cain & the GOP is Still Too Cocky!

Rasmussen reports has released the latest poll number coming in after the GOP debate that took place Tuesday night. The results are rather interesting, and certainly encouraging for Herman Cain and his supporters.

In the race for the nomination, Romney and Cain are now tied at 29%. Based on Cain’s constantly surging momentum, this is not a total shock, but being in direct parity with Romney, who has led the poll the entire time save for a few instances when Perry had just entered the race, is somewhat unexpected. Cain and his 9-9-9 plan are obviously making waves through the GOP electorate. However, as Christie begins to campaign for Romney, expect Romney’s numbers to rise again. As I have said before, I would not disagree with a Romney-Cain ticket for 2012.

Something important to note is that only 17% of respondents believe Cain will actually be nominated, while 51% believe Romney will get the nod.

Perry, on the other hand, has continued to fall, just as we predicted he would a long time ago. In fact, he is now in fourth place, polling in single digits, and trailing Newt Gingrich. Perry has performed poorly in every single debate he has participated in, and each time has proven to me with ever increasing certainty that he is not the right person to lead our government out of the Obama recession. Only 13% believe Perry will be the nominee.

This poll, however, also concerns me. Last week I made a plea to Republicans across the nation to not get cocky regarding the 2012 Presidential election. Republican voters are again showing that they do not share in my concern and would prefer to write off the President as a one-termer. President Obama may govern like Jimmy Carter, but he does not campaign like him. We should be worried about 2012. We should be on our toes at all times, making sure that we are energizing people to get out there and support whoever our nominee is, and pushing a consistent and strong message. Instead, this level of bravado shown through the results of this poll tell me that many hardcore Republicans will be staying home until election day, just expecting a win.

If nominated, 80% of GOP voters believe that Romney will defeat President Obama. 72% believe that Cain will also defeat the President. Note: this is not voters who believe they could beat President Obama in a head to head election next year, these are people who believe that they will!

I am begging primary voters to heed my warning. Now is not the time to get lazy. Stop putting the cart before the horse. Choose a nominee who can win, and do everything you can to support him.