Greenwald Cancels Fair School Funding Town Hall in Camden County

Few things make me sad, Save Jerseyans. But one thing that does it a politician who sticks his nose in places where it does not belong and tried to assert his power.

As many of you know, Senator Mike Doherty is sponsoring a Fair School Funding plan, which has been gaining steam in the state house and continues to gain popularity among the people. The plan is described on Doherty’s website for the bill. To explain our current funding situation and let voters know that there are different ways it can be done, Senator Doherty travels around the state doing town halls in towns, with their approval, to highlight the differences.

Yes, the events are run by the Senator, who is a Republican, but they are decidedly non-partisan in nature. School funding is an issue that affects every single taxpayer in this state, no matter what your party affiliation. In fact, this event was so non-partisan that the school district administration and the school board were completely behind the event and the idea of having education discourse with parents on the funding system. Voorhees Superintendent Ray Brosel even sent a flyer home with every single student to advertise the event!

Well, one week before the event was set to take place, Assemblyman Lou Greenwald found out and reportedly got very upset, contacted the superintendent, and pressured him to “postpone” the event because of its political nature. Basically, Greenwald did not like the idea of voters in his hometown finding out that there are better ways that we can fund schools in the state of New Jersey. Especially not right before the election.

Voorhees Township Committeeman Mike Friedman had been working with Senator Doherty since April to bring this event to his constituents. He was notably unhappy with the decision and made it known in his statement to Save Jersey,

I am very disappointed to announce that due to unfound and uncalled for political pressure from certain Democratic legislators,  the Voorhees School administration has decided to postpone the Town Hall Meeting with Senator Michael Doherty, originally scheduled for Wednesday Oct. 19, 7 pm at VMS to discuss the Senator’s “Fair School Funding Plan.”  This NON-PARTISAN event promised to educate and bring valuable information to residents on how we can bring more money into our schools and demonstrably lower property taxes at the same time. Yet these Democratic legislators decided to put politics first and place their concern for the Voorhees taxpayer a far distant second.  Disgraceful.

The fact is that Lou Greenwald had no business having this event canceled. He has nothing to do with the school district in Voorhees other than the fact that many of the school board members are part of the same political machine that he is. He also has no business bullying a superintendent into doing anything at all. The word Mike Friedman used for this turn of events is perfectly appropriate. Disgraceful indeed.

8 thoughts on “Greenwald Cancels Fair School Funding Town Hall in Camden County

  1. Anytime a democrat can keep the tax payers in New Jersey from cutting their taxes, it is money out of their pockets!!!How dare he use his influence to cancel this presentation in Voorhees. This is why we need changes in New Jersey. I heard this presentation in another district, and I was excited to be informed that we can do something regarding the escalating school costs that affect my taxes. We need to make changes in November!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amen Gerry! Any assistance you can give us in helping to spread the word for Jody and Ron in town would be much appreciated. We're having a Super Saturday beginning at 11:00 am at Jody's house, 3 Bradford Way to hand out literature and get things going!

  3. I hadn't kept up on this until it was cancelled. It seems the democrat machine has inadvertently publicized both this issue, and their desire to keep the public uninformed. Very sad especially with Voorhees taxes through the roof!

  4. Hello,

    My name is Gregory Horton and I am running for NJ State Assembly in the 6th District. If elected, I will support Senator Mike Doherty's Fair School Funding Plan. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help in the interim.

    Kind regards,

    Gregory W. Horton

    211 Hawthorne Avenue

    Haddonfield, NJ 08033

    856-795-4045 (h)

    856-905-8890 (c)

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