Occupy Trenton: Someone Call Crowd Control!

Now I know Trenton is not necessarily the hottest protest location when Philadelphia and New York are so close by, but when this is what you can draw in numbers, why even bother? (Photo credit: Paul Crupi)

This whole Occupy [insert wherever we have to travel the least to get there] City movement is really getting silly. The demands are ludicrous and not focused at all. I won’t even bring up the fact that they completely contradict themselves and spit in the face of economic axioms. This whole thing makes me sad. Sad that the middle class, privileged college hipster sitting outside can feel so entitled while knowing so little about the world.

17 thoughts on “Occupy Trenton: Someone Call Crowd Control!

  1. Please put down the memo from your bosses and stop reporting what they tell you to say. Try actually being a journalist and go out and talk to people. Then report what you ACTUALLY see.

    You'll find a very clear and focused message. If you bothered to take time to and actually investigate the event(s). You would have found that out yourself. You can't report on news or events if you not there.

    So please stop telling people something that is simply NOT TRUE.

  2. The majority of the protesters who are in Trenton are well educated, middle aged Americans WITH jobs and a social conscious. We have a VERY clear message, just one that you don't want to see get out. It a shame that while we can be open minded and talk to someone who does not agree with our views, yet respect those views, you need to resort to fabrications and misleading characterizations in an effort to discredit the message. Exactly why we are there. Thanks for helping to keep our energy up!

    David Discenza

    Toms River NJ (quite a long ride for "insert wherever we have to travel the least to get there"

  3. We hear calls in the press, on the radio, and television to save different endangered species.Man has been asked to set aside land, change our cultivation, harvest, hunting and fishing practices for the sake of endangered species.Well, I am convinced after 33 years in Education that our battle cry needs to become "SAVE THE TEACHER!"

  4. My 83 year old mother and her 71 year old friend, a nun, are not "college hipsters." Yet they lent their support to Occupy Trenton in order to express their disgust with the widening gap between the rich and poor in this country and with the paucity of jobs available for people who want to work. Instead of providing the country with an FDR-inspired public works program like the WPA, this current administration used taxpayer money to bail out the banks. People are fed up, and their anger is real, not ludicrous.

    Brian McGovern, how can you express such sarcastic disdain for those who are concerned about the direction this country is taking and who want to do something positive to express their discontent ?

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