Star Ledger Lists @SaveJersey As Must-Follow on Twitter

We bust the Star-Ledger’s chops a lot, although to be fair I think we bust everyone’s chops there – from “conservative” Paul Moonshine Mulshine to liberal Tom Moran. It is a decent newspaper when you strip away the editorial board’s liberalism, and we are honored to be mentioned as a top political Tweeter by the Star Ledger’s ‘Inside Jersey’ magazine

We’ll still keep up the snark and fighting to save Jersey.

P.S. You can follow us here: @SaveJersey

31 thoughts on “Star Ledger Lists @SaveJersey As Must-Follow on Twitter

  1. That's because instead of tweeting useless nonsense, they are writing stories for their readers to read on the website. You ought to try that sometime, you might get a reader or two to come here

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