GOP Debate Poll: Who Wins on Foreign Policy

Tonight was the 11th debate in the GOP primary election. It was on foreign policy, and it showed some differing views on more issues than you’d think (and not just differing with Ron Paul). Who do you think won the debate tonight and is most able to lead America in these uncertain times on the international stage?

Who Won GOP Debate #11
Jon Huntsman
Rick Santorum
Michele Bachmann
Rick Perry
Newt Gingrich
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Herman Cain free polls 


6 thoughts on “GOP Debate Poll: Who Wins on Foreign Policy

  1. So this post has been up for about an hour and Ron Paul has over 700 votes!?!?! Really?

    The Ron Paul Bots strike again!

    I have been favoring Newt Gingrich for some time, but was really disappointed with his positions on a not deporting those who are illegally in this country and his views on strengthening the Patriot Act.

    I must say Jon Huntsman actually did pretty well for himself. Mitt Romney and Herman Cain did quite well, and Rick Perry wasn't a disaster.

  2. Ron Paul was definitely the winner in this debate. Although Newt Gingrich lied a couple of times, I liked some of what he had to say. RON PAUL 2012!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  3. The Dems win because of the Paulites and those like them. Spend your time productively – get behind Tom Booth's efforts to call attention to Rob Andrews' trips funded by campaign funds. These people get away with this crap because so many of you spend your time flooding polls for Captain Moonbeam.

  4. I know someone that gave Bachman her first vote. Site is booming with the pulse of America. Finally gave Paul a good look this last week and am very impressed! No candidate speaks truer, with more confidence, consistancy or integrity. Have looked for down sides and have yet to find something that blatantly stands out. I'm on board too now.

  5. The neocon puppets are presented as "winners" by the media and as you see on all internet polls RON OAUL is leading with huge margin.



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