Forget Jobs Part II: Everyone Must Have Sprinklers!

Yesterday it was hypodermic needles for drug users, and today the time wasting stupidity of our legislature continues. This is how you know the lame duck session is well under way in New Jersey. Rather than dealing with real problems affecting real people, the Democrats in the state house want to play around with pointless legislation that will actually make things worse (i.e. more expensive) rather than make things better.

Now, the New Jersey Assembly wants to make sure that all homes built in the future have sprinkler systems on the inside to protect against fire damage. The Nanny State rears its head yet again. The immediate result of this legislation, should it actually pass, would be that the price of new homes would increase, further deterring people from buying new homes, and in turn further deterring them from being built. One would think that at a time when construction and contractor jobs have taken such a dive, the one thing the state would want to do is encourage, rather than discourage, building. Also, they are just plain ugly.

This is not the first time this has been tried, by the way. Democrats attempted to force this through last year, and the Governor’s office left the regulation out of the housing codes in order to combat the price hiking tendency. In Pennsylvania this had also passed, but was quickly repealed by the legislature and was unsupported by PA Governor Tom Corbett. Why? Because they did not realize at the time how the added regulation would affect housing.

If this ever makes it out of the legislature, hopefully the Governor will be sure to veto the bill and stand up for people who want to live and buy a home in New Jersey, despite the state’s best attempts to get us all to leave.

This lame duck session has only just begun, Save Jerseyans, so stay tuned for the next edition of “Forget Jobs,” which sadly looks like its going to become a regular series here.

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