Western Civ on the Ropes

The late great John Lennon begged his countrymen to imagine a world without warfare at Christmastime.

Did the King Beatle ever imagine a Christmas without Santa?

Back in October, I wrote about building liberal angst over Halloween and the overt war on childhood in modern America. The sad, increasingly evident self-truth is that no one in the whole of western civilization is safe from leftist lunacy, Save Jerseyans. British education crazies are taking it one step further this December by banning Father Christmas (a.k.a. Santa Claus on this side of the pond) from school holiday parties.

U.K. officials cite safety concerns. Rubbish! Or “bullox” for you Anglophiles! This move doesn’t pass the smell test; looks like more cultural self-loathing to me. Besides: I’d say the Brits have bigger concerns than creepy Santa impersonators. Like being overrun by Islamic extremists operating out of government-sanctioned Sharia courts. And that’s on the domestic front! The attack on Her Majesty’s Iranian embassy serves as a stark reminder of what lies ahead for the once-great imperial power. One of the West’s most culturally influential countries is on the brink of sociological and cultural suicide and is under assault on all fronts.

But they’ve decided to take aim at Old Saint Nick?

Santa Claus is a clear, pure manifestation of our better nature. He’s an industrious, jolly toymaker who teaches children the importance of good behavior, tolerance, generosity and forgiveness. Who will replace him when Western Civ raises the white flag? A bearded mullah who tells kiddies it’s okay to embrace honor killings and suicide attacks?

Not everyone in England is losing it:

“My first reaction was, ‘Oh, no. This is not what we should be doing,” said Star Tribune Columnist Gail Rosenblum.

Rosenblum writes about social issues, and says that some parents have become hypersensitive to the issue in the wake of recent high-profile sex abuse cases, including Penn State. Apparently, that worry has traveled across the pond.

“We all need to step back and breathe. Breathe,” Rosenblum urged.

Rosenblum said it’s a mistake to try to protect children by preventing them from being kids, and the men who dress the part say there’s nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately for the next generation, the sane caucus is shrinking:

“We encourage Santa Claus to put the child toward the end of the knee,” said Kent Barnard, of Santa’s Visit.

Oh good Lord…

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  1. On the other side of the coin, the British Conservative party platform includes rights for gays and lesbians, including the right to marry their same-sex partner. Conservative PM David Cameron stated emphatically in a speech that liberty for gay Britons won't be limited like in the US.

    Meanwhile back here in the US, the GOP remains obsessed with the sex lives of gays. Just listen to the "values voters" summit. So if you follow Santa to the UK, Matt, I do hope you'll have a GAY OLD TIME!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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