UPDATING LIVE from Redistricting: The New Map

As we already reported, the GOP map has won the day in Trenton. Here is your first look at the new map. As you can see, other than the Rothman v. Garrett battle that was set up by both parties, very little has changed across our state, but only time will tell (and not that much time, November is not that far away) how much difference it will make.

With the selection of the GOP map, it remains to be seen what law suits might be filed by different groups. Earlier this week PolitickerNJ was reporting that minority groups were stating their support for the Democrat map, and are undoubtedly unhappy with the selection that was made.

According to Jay Lassiter, who is sitting next to me at the unveiling:

Oh my God, we got ****ed.

Coming from a staunch Democrat, that should be a welcome sentiment to many of our readers


  1. Obviously the Rothman/Garrett district is a go.
  2. Jon Runyan will likely be a Congressman for a long, long time now that Cherry Hill has been moved into Rob Andrew’s district, a move that I honestly was not expecting but certainly welcome.
  3. Congressman Sires now has no constituents in Middlesex County, his district has changed dramatically.
  4. Farmer says the new map has 12 districts with equal population that only splits 14 municipalities, none of them are split more than once.
  5. There are two majority-minority districts.
  6. Claiming the map is more compact, and “continuity of representation” (we know what that means…incumbent protection).
  7. The districts that should have been removed were saved because they were majority-minority.
  8. “Allowing the voters to choose which party loses a seat is fair.”
  9. The Republicans originally kept with one person one vote, but were pushed from that important principle for idiotic notions of fairness (yes I’m editorializing).
  10. Much of the footwork was done by Rutger’s Law students.
  11. Democrats are touting their minority endorsements.
  12. Democrats are whining that the commission did not go to the last day. Farmer said months ago he wanted to finish early. Cry me a river Speaker Roberts.
  13. DuHaime is relying on Farmer’s decision as defense of GOP map. Also says Dems had no objections on timeline until today.
  14. The Democrats want to “engage the public” about the map. Funny they did not feel that way during Legislative Reapportionment.
  15. They Democrats are now asking that the vote not take place and be tabled.
  16. Interesting tactic to put numerous gerrymandering arguments on the record at the commission hearing. It seems the Democrats want to make sure everyone knows they are unhappy.
  17. Quite a few of the Democrat commissioners seem to be absent (perhaps they are the ones on the conference call that everyone can hear?) seems a bit odd.
  18. Democrats are complaining that they did not get to see the GOP map until this morning. The thing is they have seen previous versions of each other’s maps, and according to Farmer, the maps have been getting closer and closer with each revision.
  19. Casagrande claims that the GOP map was presented yesterday and that the Democrats are incorrect. Says the map takes diversity into great account and is responsive to the testimony of citizens.
  20. Commissioner Baker is on the phone making his statement. He says he respects the decision. He is the only Democrat who so far has shared that sentiment.
  21. Democrats are now saying it is not fair to target Rothman because he has brought in more money to NJ than any other member. The funny thing is that they threw him under the bus too.
  22. The vote was just taken and the meeting is adjourned. Commission has been dissolved and the GOP map has won.

199 thoughts on “UPDATING LIVE from Redistricting: The New Map

  1. The new 5 is favorable to the GOP. McCain carried it by three points and the GOP margins in statewide races over the last decade average five points. Considering Republicans have only won one statewide race in that period, that shows this district is pretty solid GOP territory.

    Rothman has the resources to run here, but if Obama didn't carry this area in 2008 what would make Rothman think the political environment would be even better in 2012? Maybe the real knockdown dragout will take place in the 8th District Democratic Primary in June.

  2. If things stay the way they are, You can still say goodbye to SSI and Medicare and it will have nothing to do with Runyan. Obama already gutted Medicare to the tune of $500,000,000,000 (that's five hundred billion dollars) to pay for Obamacare. As far as Social Security is concerned, that was a scam from day one, was never run properly, and is paying out more than it takes in.

    It's not the job of the federal government to provide these things in the first place. If these programs never existed, people wouldn't rely on them. They would rely on themselves, their families, neighbors, churches and communities. We didn't become the greatest nation on earth by being a welfare state. We got their with rugged individualism, personal responsibility, and a system of government that unleashed a spirit of entrepreneurialism and prosperity that draws people from all over the world to come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families.

    We need more people, like John Runyan, in congress to help us get back there.

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