NJEA: Fat Cat Giordano Isn’t THAT Rich! Just a Little Rich…

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is working overtime to protect its embattled executive director, Vincent Giordano.

You know… the guy who went on public television and told poor families stuck in bad public schools SORRY! “Life isn’t fair.”

Their latest release (from late last night) calls on Governor Christie to resign. Look up “pathetic” in the dictionary and you’ll see Barb Keshishian’s face! Yet the saddest part of this whole affair is the fact that Mr. Giordano could send an entire classroom of our state’s underprivileged kids to better schools out of his own pocket.

Governor Christie originally pegged Giordano’s 2009 salary at over $500k. The NJEA, however, wants to clear the air. The teachers union’s spokesman told PolitickerNJ yesterday afternoon that he ONLY earned $326k in 2009. Almost twice Governor Christie’s annual salary of $175k.

From Timothy Carroll (via PolitickerNJ):

Giordano’s true salary number from 2009 is $326,000, a combination of about $300,000 in salary and $26,000 in comp time, according to Wollmer. He believes the governor and his staff included from the form $$26,991 in health and dental benefits and car reimbursement, and $127,000 in formula-based pension liability which is not an actual determination of any benefit, but rather a federally-mandated calculation to determine contributions.

“He doesn’t get to spend any of that on groceries,” Wollmer said.

Oh, only $326,000! Excuse us! I’m sure he does the work of six or seven teachers since he earns the salary of six or seven teachers combined. Right?


But don’t despair! Aggravating as the union leadership might be, and as misleading as its public comments may have been, moments like this are extremely important. As Governor Christie said yesterday, “Mr. Giordano gave voice to what the teacher union really thinks.”

Voters need to see what these folks are really all about! And you can be damn sure Save Jersey will spearhead that effort online…





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  1. NJEA says screw NJ kids, lets leave them behind, we need a waiver because our members are not up to the job to teach. Its all Bush's fault

  2. Anonymous, are you from NJ? Because you have no idea what you are talking about.Bret Schundler sceerwd up the app. Personally, I have the idea of Federal Aid being used to twist State arms,What the teacher wants is a guarantee that the local school boards won't have control over their employees. I know lots of teachers in NJ. The Union is an extortion racket and will seek to destroy the career of any member who questions their decisions.

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