OPEN THREAD FRIDAY: Komen’s Weakness Invites Future Attacks

OPEN THREAD FRIDAY: Komen’s Weakness Invites Future Attacks

We all know what Governor Christie endured from the vicious liberal establishment when he cut Planned Parenthood funding.

Now the entire country knows.

You’ve undoubtedly heard by now that the Susan G. Komen organization has appeared to reverse itself; that would mean America’s leading anti-breast cancer foundation would resume disbursing funds to Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills.

A few reports suggest “further clarification” may be forthcoming from the Komen board. We’ll see. But the damage may already be done, Save Jerseyans. No one wins when you negotiate with terrorists, ideological or otherwise.

Make no mistake about it: Komen’s leadership was bullied and coerced into rethinking its initial decision and, I’m sorry to say, Komen caved in record time to the detriment of all.

They did suffer some of the most vile smears, lies, threats and insults available in our political discourse. Yesterday, their website was hacked by radical anti-abortion activits. The ultra-liberal Daily Kos even went so far as to accuse Komen of “advocating for women’s deaths.”

Try to wrap your mind around THAT one, Save Jerseyans.

Unfortunately, I’m 100% positive that today’s apparent decision to back down will only engender future attacks for Komen and other non-political organizations who dare to take a principled stand on behalf of their devoted and hard-working benefactors.

After today, the radical pro-abortion crowd who smeared Komen and crashed its website smell blood in the water. Weakness is an invitation to the intolerant political left.

They’re Alinsky-trained predators who are perfectly and coldly willing to suffer casualties to accomplish their ideological ends… even when those casualties happen to be the victims of breast cancer.


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