Businessman and Entrepreneur Ernesto Cullari to Challenge Frank Pallone in NJ6

Diane Gooch stepped away from running for Congress in the 6th district of New Jersey against Frank Pallone.  Then Anna Little appeared to change her mind several times from mounting a run for United States Senate, to Congress, to possibly being a Vice Presidential choice for Rick Perry.

There has been much speculation on who would challenge the extremely liberal author of ObamaCare… Congressman Frank Pallone.

Well, the wait is finally over!

Businessman, medical practitioner, and columnist: Ernesto Cullari has officially entered the race vowing to hold back no punches, unlike previous challengers to Frank Pallone!

Ernesto, after thinking about it for some time, decided to run several days ago and made it official in a press release he sent out this morning…

Asbury Park, NJ

Political newcomer Ernesto Cullari officially announced his intentions to run for Congress today. Cullari is running to unseat Frank Pallone, a  20-year incumbent, in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District.

Cullari, an orthopedic medical professional, a published Disney songwriter and entrepreneur, has never run for public office before. A proud member of the Tea Party, he is an advocate for individual liberty, small business, state’s rights and a small less intrusive federal government.

He asserts that, “Contrary to what the Democrats and media says, the America of today is not in decline, rather it is being subjugated by cronyism, it is being held back, it is being overburdened by a political aristocracy with an extreme lust for power, which holds us all back from our true potential. I’m running to win, but I don’t desire power for myself. I yearn for a federal government that’s less powerful, so that we may all live freely.”

Ernesto Cullari was born in Toms River, New Jersey. He is a graduate of Ithaca College, where he majored in Biology and minored in Philosophy. He also develops music talent for the Disney genre. He is unmarried and attends Trinity Fellowship Church. He works in an operating room weekly and has helped countless patients with serious orthopedic injuries regain their normal lives.


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