VIDEO: Bill Brown and Chris Christie Exchange – the FULL Exchange

VIDEO: Bill Brown and Chris Christie Exchange – the FULL Exchange

Yesterday we posted the doctored up video that the media has been circulating of Governor Christie and Bill Brown going at it over the Rutgers Rowan Merger at a Burlington County Town Hall meeting. That original video, in its heavily edited form, was inadequate. However, it was all we had.

We now we have the entire audio exchange between the Governor and Bill Brown, so you can decide for yourself what was justified and what was not.

Yesterday, we admonished Brown for being disrespectful at the event. I even go so far as to believe that this incident damaged the anti-merger movement. Christie still should not have called him an “idiot,” which was also disrespectful, but the entire exchange was totally inappropriate before that even occurred. Christie should have been allowed to have his say as well.

Watch and decide for yourself:


19 thoughts on “VIDEO: Bill Brown and Chris Christie Exchange – the FULL Exchange

  1. the guy is a jackass and even bigger idiot. Obviously The guy was rude to the Governor, the guy did not know how to conduct himself in an open forum. The guy was out of line and acting like a spoiled child who was having a tantrum because he was not getting his way. This guy is self-centered and ignorant. He'll never pass the bar exam. Bravo Governor – no need to put up the idiot! You gave him

    numerous chances to conduct himself as an adult, but he was too immature to realize it.

  2. Bill Brown is an unstable idiot. Either way, Christie should not have called him an idiot in the manner that he did. I dont think that this will effect the anti-merger effort in any significant way, but Bill Brown's actions and tactics will catch up to him one day, and Christie was right, if he acted like this in front of a judge, he would be held in contempt

  3. LOL…yes, and Chirstie's exchange would have gotten him the same contempt order. Chirsite is more of a horses ass than even I figured him to be. It doesn't matter what Brown did or didn't do. Christie is SUPPOSED to conduct himself with a little more decorum (yeah, right) than anyone since he is the elected Governor Brown is a citizen of NJ, but he certainly doesn't. I can't wait to vote him out of office next year.

  4. This website could not be any more right wing. This takeover is not what South Jersey, Rutgers Camden students, faculty,alumni,and many others want. christie does not respect the voters therefore he gets little.

  5. This "spoiled child" is a navy seal and a veteran. I think he's proven himself to be quite mature. You on the other hand…

  6. Christie is stomping on the rights of Rutgers-Camden students, alumni, supporters, and on our history as a world-recognized University. He is ignoring petitions, phone calls, rallies, and protests by Rutgers-Camden. No wonder the law student was frustrated. There is no need, except to enrich Norcross & other politician, to absorb Rutgers into Rowan. Rutgers is vibrant, historic, a boon to local Camden residents, and a fine university. The North-Jersey branches do not serve those of us closer to the South Jersey campus, nor those who financially cannot afford New Brunswick. Chrisite again proves he is a crude bully who will resort to tantrums to get what he wants.

  7. So veterans are automatically exempt from being stupid? No disrespect to the man's service record, but simply watching that video, Christie repeatedly said "I listened to you", he restated the guy's opinion and asked if he was accurate, and then attempted to give his reasons why he made the decision he did. He conducted himself perfectly well. He was civil until such time as this "honored veteran" proved himself unworthy of civility. Christie was accurate. Was he nice about it? No. But that's a bit refreshing too.

  8. Who cares if he's a Navy Seal. Not a hall pass to behave anyway you want. If that's a Navy Seal, I've lost some respect.

    This full video is proof how liberal the media is and how they will stop at nothing to humiliate the Republican party. Out of the other side of their mouths they will defend how they are unbiased and responsible journalists. Trouble is that nearly every liberal I know follow them like sheep.

  9. Bill brown apologizes to the governor for his behavior and Christie shows no regrets for calling him an idiot and also calls him a jerk. You agreed that Sweeny should have apologized for calling the Rutgers-Camden rally a lynch mob and said that the only thing Christie did wrong was calling Bill an idiot. Should he not have to apologize to bill brown? I know lynch mob and idiot and the context are different but name calling is wrong either way.

  10. In Michigan, the governor (Rick Snyder-R, and noblaty, his predecessor Jennifer Grandholm-D) orders flags to fly at half-staff whenever a soldier from our fair state is killed in combat. Happens too often, sadly

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