Northern Marianas and Guam Cancel Out Kansas?

Quite possibly, Save Jerseyans, and it illustrates why Rick Santorum’s road to the Republican nomination is likely a bridge to nowhere.

Former Senator Santorum picked up at least 15 delegates today in Kansas’s “hybrid” closed primary, meaning some Sunflower State delegates will be awarded by district and statewide, some proportionately, and a few “winner-take-all.” 40 total delegates are stake.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney was triumphant in today’s “non-binding” caucuses in the Northern Marianas and Guam. RCP believes he is likely to end up with at least 12 delegates; a total of 18 are in play.

That means Romney improves to at least 427 delegates; Santorum is now at 182.

Newt Gingrich and Romney appear to be the top contenders for Alabama’s 50 delegates on March 13th. Romney leads in Mississippi, as well as in polls for winner-take-all NJ and Cali; meanwhile, his Super PAC is already buying $1M worth of TV time in Illinois.

Where else can Santorum make a stand?

Especially with Newt refusing to drop having clearly staked his campaign on cutting a swath through the South from South Carolina to delegate-rich Texas where his biggest elected backer, Governor Rick Perry, could make things a little interesting if the GOP primary remains “competitive” (however you choose to define it) through May 29th.


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