Month: March 2012

Save Rutgers: Sweeney and Company Lash Out at Laut (UPDATE: DOE to Review Plan, Norcross Responds)

UPDATE 2: George Norcross himself has now responded to the letter from Frank Lautenberg to Secretary Duncan asking for a review of the Rutgers Rowan Merger. So much for my prediction that he would attempt to lay low on this Read More

Guest Op-Ed: Judges Shouldn’t Be Exempt from Increased Contributions for Health and Pension Benefits

In the case of DePascale vs. State of New Jersey just heard by the New Jersey State Supreme Court, it has been argued that a new law requiring Justices and Superior Court Judges to make larger contributions towards the cost Read More

VIDEO: Donovan Discusses Bergen GOP Civil War, Says “Too Many Freakin’ Layers of Government in New Jersey”

Things are getting out-of-control in Bergen County very quickly, Save Jerseyans, as Republicans continue to claw at each other in what looks to be a potentially ruinous primary season. The woman at the center of it all, County Executive Kathe Donovan (R), sat Read More

Liberals Angry at Verrilli for Choking in His Defense of the Indefensible

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli had a bad day yesterday, Save Jerseyans. I almost felt for him despite my complete and utter disdain for his cause (and his client, a.k.a. the Obama Administration). Almost. The veteran litigator stumbled his way through Read More


Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Machineland) recently held a “town hall” meeting of his own, Save Jerseyans. Not nearly as exciting as Christie’s but hey, everyone needs to start somewhere. His goal? To push an alternative tax cut plan to Governor Christie’s 10% across-the-board Read More

Save Rutgers: OLS Confirms Christie Cannot Merge Rut-Row by Executive Order

I have literally been saying it for months now, but the Office of Legislative Services (OLS) has just backed up my claim. According to a slightly redacted research document obtained by the Star Ledger, Governor Christie will not be able Read More

Save Rutgers: Lautenberg Asks Sec. of Education to Review Rut-Row Merger

Always count on a North Jersey Democrat to try and throw the South Jersey Norcross Machine under the bus, Save Jerseyans. That is exactly what happened today, and I applaud it. Senator Frank Lautenberg wrote a two page letter (which Read More