Christie Money Machine Rolls into Virginia for Cantor

Many New Jerseyans with Shore homes and/or businesses will spend the next few days preparing for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend. There are also parades to plan, memorial ceremonies to arrange and barbecues to orchestrate.

Governor Chris Christie has different plans, Save Jerseyans.

He’ll spend this weekend filling his party’s coffers and making friends in the process.

On Thursday evening, Christie joined New Mexico U.S. Senate Candidate Heather Wilson for a reported $2,500 per plate fundraiser at the swanky “21 Club” on Manhattan’s Upper West Side (and I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that he told attendees he’s rooting for the Rangers over the Devils).

Tonight, he will head South on I-95 to headline a fundraiser for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Richmond, Virginia. Then, on Saturday, the Guv is slated to head a little further west and deliver the keynote address for the Republican Party of Kentucky’s Lincoln Day Dinner…

Christie’s making it rain at home, too, for state Senator Joe Kyrillos, and his expansive network have been laboring for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign since last year. It’s actually pretty hard to find a “major” Republican prospect anywhere in America who isn’t (1) a past beneficiary of Christie’s fundraising, (2) slated to be a beneficiary of Christie’s fundraising, or (3) furiously begging Christie’s people to bring him in for a fundraiser. Even Democrats use his visage to raise money and generate contacts.

The downside of all this travel is that it provides Democrats with an easy Democrat point of attack in 2013. They’ll spend millions claiming it’s evidence of a “lack of focus” on New Jersey issues. Laughable, sure, since Christie has been able to accomplish more in three years than any of his less-popular predecessors combined. But the truth is a relative affair for swing voters who “learn” about their leaders exclusively through Perez Hilton and 30-second October TV spots.

Your Blogger-in-Chief looks at things a little differently as you might expect, Save Jerseyans. In just the 2 1/2 years since Christie’s election, New Jersey has transformed from a national laughingstock (like California) into ground zero of the battle to reclaim government for the taxpayers (second only perhaps to Wisconsin where, yes, Christie is also working his magic).

Challenges still abound. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Still, Christie’s fortitude is inspiring similar reform efforts across the country. That’s good for him politically and New Jersey financially. How? Like I said, he’s single-handedly changing our national image. It’s a good thing for everyone involved! Not just Cantor & Co.




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  1. Taxation without representation was one of the major sticking points causing the Revolutionary war with England. In fact, if you'll recall the Boston tea party when colonists dressed as Indians through tea into the bay you might better understand. If you don't know this history, I suggest you go onto Wikipedia and look it up. The Boston tea party led to the Townshend Acts, to skirmishes in the streets, and eventually to the Revolutionary war. Okay so let's talk about this shall we?

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