Occupy Irrelevancy

May 1st around the world is known as International Workers’ Day or May Day, something I wasn’t conscious of because, in America, we celebrate the greatest job creating engine the world has ever seen: the free market.

This holiday is typically celebrated by leftist governments around the world. Championed by socialist governments, it came as no surprise that the Occupy Movement would also champion this cause in their typical odious fashion.

These shock troops of the progressive left have waned in influence since Mayor Bloomberg threw them all out late last year. They sought to become the Tea Party of the American left. They represent everything the left stands for. The entitlement culture, class warfare, and the idea of corporate greed are all rampant on the left and these people have taken to the streets by any means necessary to showcase those views.

Their general strike yesterday was another last ditch effort to establish a mainstream class warfare rhetoric through their Mac products and they fought bravely against “corporate greed” by sponsoring #CorporateGreed to trend for most of the day on Twitter.

Who knew you could fight profits by adding to them…

Despite being the darlings of the mainstream media (and the President), Occupy’s May Day general strike accomplished what Occupy usually accomplishes… vandalism, human microphones, minor violence, and hacky sack. They promised to shut down major cities with their strikes the way general strikes work in European countries. The closest they came to shutting down the cities was when one of them would run out into the street to retrieve an ill-fated hacky sack pass.

There was a new feature of domestic terrorism which had been missing from these rallies in the past. Nothing like some down-home domestic terrorist attempts to really make sure your name is portrayed in a good light to the media. Five men who were active in Occupy Cleveland have been accused of plotting to blow up a bridge over Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Sagamore Hills. Occupy may have also taken a page out of Islamic Terrorism playbook and allegedly sent multiple buildings in New York white powder in envelopes reminiscent of the anthrax scare in the United States post 9/11.

These are the final swings of a desperate boxer before he goes down, Save Jerseyans. One of these punches may hit but they are wild and uncoordinated. This is a trend I feel will not continue and the organization will fold like the Weather Underground.

Welcome to the ash heap of history Occupy. Take your seat right there next to Students for a Democratic Society.


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