Boiling Water and Blood in Monmouth County (VIDEO)

Chris Christie has never been afraid to tag someone with the idiot label in public, Save Jerseyans.

I’m sure a substantial portion of our web traffic over the years is directly attributable to Christie-style, soul-destroying verbal smackdowns that subsequently go viral on YouTube. Some say these incidents are evidence of a disturbing bullying tendency. Others think it’s a long-overdue dose of genuineness in an otherwise artificial political world. I think he’s just getting a little stressed and doesn’t hide it very well. Your Blogger-in-Chief can empathize on behalf of externalizers everywhere.

But hey, whatever he’s doing it’s clearly working. With poll after poll showing Christie comfortably above the 50% job approval mark, the Governor sees no real need to defy his impulses… unfortunately for a hapless beat reporter (who Christie called “stupid” and an “idiot” for breaking protocol) at Saturday’s post-storm presser in wind-ravaged Monmouth County:



3 thoughts on “Boiling Water and Blood in Monmouth County (VIDEO)

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