@GovChristie Splitting Summer Between Shore Tour and GOP Fundraisers

@GovChristie Splitting Summer Between Shore Tour and GOP Fundraisers

Governor Chris Christie is preparing for a fresh fight with the Senate Judiciary Committee over his next New Jersey Supreme Court nominee, Save Jerseyans.

For now, he’s splitting time between the national fundraising circuit and the bustling Jersey Shore. The GOP’s favorite New Jerseyan will visit THREE different Southern states tomorrow afternoon (Georgia, South and North Carolina) for THREE separate fundraisers benefitting Mitt Romney. If history is any guide, Christie will live up to his golden goose reputation and add a seven-figure sum to the Republican presidential nominee’s coffers.

On the home front, Governor Christie dropped by the scenic Manasquan Inlet yesterday afternoon to discuss his 10% across-the-board tax cut plan with Monmouth County residents. More Shore town visits are in the queue; the Administration is calling it an “Endless Summer Tax Relief” tour. The goal? Apply sustained pressure to “Corzine Democrats” in the state legislature to adopt a tax relief plan. Nothing substantive came of last month’s rousing special legislative session address despite past Democrat attempts to feign interest. The Governor clearly plans to campaign hard and force Democrats to make up for it or, alternatively, regret it at the polls next fall. We can always hope!

A little sample from Monday’s stump: