TMZ: @GovChristie Exchanges Angry Words on Seaside Boardwalk (VIDEO)

Is there something in the water up there?

Governor Chris Christie may’ve accrued 5M+ YouTube views, Save Jerseyans, but you can’t truly be considered a modern American pop culture icon until you’re featured on

Congrats, Big Guy… you’ve arrived! Allegedly, he went toe-to-toe with a man on the [in]famous Seaside Heights Boardwalk last night and put the MTV ‘Jersey Shore’ cast to shame:

Gov. Christie (R-NJ) was hangin’ with his family in Seaside Heights … and had just ordered an ice cream cone when a passerby fired off some snide comments about Christie’s policy on education. 

Christie got PISSED — and while clutching his cone, shouted back at the guy, “You’re a real big shot … you’re a real big shot shootin’ your mouth off.”

The man shouted back, “Nah, just take care of the teachers!”

The comment only enflamed Christie … who aggresively marched towards the guy and warned, “Keep walkin’ away … really good … keep walkin’.”

Soon after, someone in Christie’s party put his arm around the 49-year-old and escorted him in the other direction. 

In the Governor’s defense, rockin’ the boat isn’t easy, folks. Ask Scott Walker. It all comes with the territory, and sometimes that means you can’t step foot outside your office without some joker getting in your face. We don’t know the full context of this insular case from that super-short amateur video obtained by TMZ. But seriously… New Jersey politics WAS the original reality TV show. Just read Bob Ingle’s Soprano State for proof positive. We play rough here. I’m glad the rest of the country thinks it’s funny. To us, it’s a not-so-subtle art but an “art” all the same.

The video:

117 thoughts on “TMZ: @GovChristie Exchanges Angry Words on Seaside Boardwalk (VIDEO)

  1. As a public servant, you still have to show a level of civility. Much as I've supported the Gov. and continue to do so, he is starting to exhibit a potentially damaging pattern of behavior in that he's showing himself to be emotionally incapable controlling himself. He cannot continue to keep acting like this in public if he wants to be re-elected next year. He needs to start learning how to walk away and ignore this kind of thing. He didn't want to get criticized, he picked the wrong line of work.

  2. Thats MY KIND OF LEADER! Tell the trouble makers straight up where its at….The bigmouth was trying to give SHARPTON or JACKSON ammo to play the RACE CARD……

  3. Chris Christie could set a homeless shelter on fire Christmas Eve and still would have more class and be a better governor than McGreevey, Florio and Corzine…combined! He hasn't raised taxes, the other governors have many times!

  4. I think Gov Chris Christie is great in speaking up to these idiots that always want to condeme him on how he is doing as a govenor for NJ. I personally had an unemployment problem with monies and when I called his office, they got right on Trentons butts and got my unemployment issue rectified. No other Gov of NJ ever worked fast and did anything for me like Gov Chris Christie has done, and when I called his office to thank them that my unemployment issue was resolved his personal staff thanked me in getting back to them that the problem was resolved. So my hat goes off to Chris Christie. Let him become President or VP. He will get my vote.

  5. He was more restrained with his language than I would've been if someone heckled me when I was out with my family!

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