DuHaime Returns to the RNC

DuHaime Returns to the RNC

POLITICO is reporting that New Jersey’s Mike DuHaime, the strategic mastermind behind Governor Chris Christie’s ’09 campaign, is rejoining the Republican National Committee (RNC) for the 2012 Election as a consultant to the political department.

Mike DuHaime has had a long and busy career for a relatively young man. Most recently, DuHaime spearheaded the NJGOP congressional redistricting team. He first made a national name for himself at the RNC as creator of the “72 hour” deployment program in 2004. Some call him the father of modern GOTV.

Speculate if you so choose regarding what this might mean (or not mean) about Chris Christie’s current veep sweepstakes position, Save Jerseyans…


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