@GovChristie, @NJEA Tweet Love, Not War?

Did you happen to notice the neighborhood cat behaving amorously towards your neighbor’s dog on the way into work this morning, Save Jerseyans?

I wouldn’t be surprised. Something’s in the air.

¿Por ejemplo? Yesterday afternoon, Governor Chris Christie thanked his mortal political enemies at the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) for supporting “tenure reform” via his favorite medium… Twitter:

The NJEA’s Twitter response wasn’t as warm but gracious nonetheless:

It’s been a long, strange journey for America’s favorite warrior governor and the Garden State’s largest teacher’s union.

They’ve been locked in a perpetual state of warfare since June 2009 when then-gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie refused to formally seek their endorsement at the annual Atlantic City convention. Sometimes it’s been a “cold” war, but often very, very hot. The NJEA hadn’t helped matters by spending millions of union due dollars to attack Christie, his allies, and his policies. Christie, in turn, has used his bully pulpit to savage the union’s leadership and less-than-stellar track record; he even called for the NJEA executive director’s resignation back in February.

Just don’t expect this to be the new norm, Save Jerseyans. With special legislation elections in Districts 4, 16, 26 this fall, and a gubernatorial reelection campaign coming up in 2013, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for more kind words to be exchanged between New Jersey’s Twitter odd couple anytime soon.


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  1. Actually, if you look at the time stamp, NJEA wrote its tweet to the governor first. I think NJEA was noting its appreciation that Gov. Christie publicly thanked the association at the signing ceremony. The governor then responded to NJEA. Either way, a refreshing change in tone. Hope it lasts.

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