NJEA Executive Director to Poor Families: “Life’s Not Always Fair”

NJEA Executive Director to Poor Families: “Life’s Not Always Fair”

I know we’re focused on “higher” education today at the blog, Save Jerseyans, but NJEA Executive Director Vincent Giordano really stepped in it this weekend. Big time.

He appeared on Saturday’s NJTV “New Jersey Capitol Report” to discuss recent developments in the state’s never-ending education debate. When questioned about the fairness of New Jersey’s low income families being financially unable to afford the option of moving their children to better performing schools, Mr. Giordano was cold, dismissive, and completely unsympathetic to their plight.

The exact quote?

“Well, you know, uh, life’s not always fair and I’m sorry about that…” (click here and listen to the clip)

No kidding! At least he’s “sorry.”

I am, too.

Governor Christie recently pegged Mr. Giordano’s salary at $550,000 per year; the NJEA claims he’s only making $300,000.

I think he’s overpaid either way, Save Jerseyans.

And his “hey, they can technically transfer” argument is pure sophistry.

The “choice” he alludes to is illusory. Sure, it’s easy to send your kid to an academically and culturally stronger school when you earn $300,000 from public union dues. The 1%, including President and Mrs. Obama. But for the rest of us? School choice means scrimping and saving to pay both private school tuition AND property tax levies tied to education funding.

It’s a false choice, Save Jerseyans. Shame on Mr. Giordano for pretending otherwise.


8 thoughts on “NJEA Executive Director to Poor Families: “Life’s Not Always Fair”

  1. thank you savejersey.com for calling out the njea! we need tenure reform now to help the next generation! i can't believe how arrogant these people are. they don't care about kids only money.

  2. This is a tragedy that people who supposedly care about "social justice" should be harping on EVERY day. Instead they are backing the teacher's union.

  3. Saw this on RCP! Awesome! This dude suffers from foot in mouth syndrome. hopefully voters hear it and wake up.

  4. He should resign. What a jerk NJEA Executive Director, Vincent E. Giordano is. Where is the outcry on this statement? The NJEA doesn't give a crap about students just their wallets. Once again the NJEA shows its arrogance to the NJ voters. We are tired of it!

  5. Here's how to save taxes and fix the schools. Figure out the vagraee cost per pupil, per year. (Don't figure in the Abbott disctrict students as that would obviously skew the results) Then, whatever it is, say $11-12-13,000, that is what the state will allocate for each enrolled student including those in the Abbott districts. Superintendants and teachers alike will be accountable for the success or failure of their schools. Then we will see who/where is getting the most bang for their buck. Then we will see who is and who isn't getting the job done. Then the people in the failing districts can vote in a new school board and hire a new, more effective superintendant. Problem solved, money saved. (obviously the real answer is much more complicated than this, but you get the basic idea)

  6. Thank-you for including my video on Save Jersey. This was a tleanted and experienced group of educators. When there are so many children and so much state budget money devoted to education, any small improvement or change in policy, can make such a big difference in the students and teachers affected by the policy change.

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