After Last Night’s DNC, I’d Love to Meet This “Barack” Guy!

One night is in the can, Save Jerseyans. Another one is about to begin. And I have just one question for all of you:

Ever heard of this ‘Barack Obama’ fella?

If you arrived on Planet Earth last night for the first time ever, came across a functioning television set and tuned into Night One the of 2012 Democrat National Convention, you would’ve thought that a demigod named “Abraham Delano Washington,” son of Jupiter and cousin of Paul Bunyan, greated president in U.S. history, was on the ballot for Democrats this November! An other-worldly leader of men who single-handedly created millions of jobs, constructed transcontinental roads, restored the world’s geopolitical balance and achieved a lasting harmony never before witnessed in American politics — all in 3 1/2 years.

One line from his wife Michelle’s speech particularly piqued my interest in the DNC’s mystery man:

I love that for Barack, there is no such thing as “us” and “them” – he doesn’t care whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or none of the above … he knows that we all love our country … and he’s always ready to listen to good ideas … he’s always looking for the very best in everyone he meets.

Is this the same warm-and-fuzzy consensus-building ‘Barack Obama’ who invited Paul Ryan to a deficit reduction speech in April 2012 only to ambush the Republican budget chairman with the following unprovoked attack:

There’s nothing serious about a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending a trillion dollars on tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. And I don’t think there’s anything courageous about asking for sacrifice from those who can least afford it and don’t have any clout on Capitol Hill. That’s not a vision of the America I know.”

Hmmm… must be a different guy?

And what about those interesting claims of “4.5 million jobs created” on Obama’s watch that every DNC speaker repeated as gospel? (of all places!) fact-checked, detailed and DECIMATED that talking point:

Nonfarm private payrolls hit a post-recession low of 106.8 million that month, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figure currently stands at 111.3 million as of July.

While that is indeed a gain of 4.5 million, it’s only a net gain of 300,000 over the course of the Obama administration to date. The private jobs figure stood at 111 million in January 2009, the month Obama took office.

And total nonfarm payrolls, including government workers, are down from 133.6 million workers at the beginning of 2009 to 133.2 million in July 2012. There’s been a net loss of nearly 1 million public-sector jobs since Obama took office, despite a surge in temporary hiring for the 2010 census.

Yikes… not to mention the fact that many of the jobs LOST during Obama’s tenure have been replaced by comparatively lower-paying positions.

So, for the record my dear Save Jerseyans, I’d love to meet ‘Barack Obama 2.0’ from last night’s DNC. He’s clearly a separate and distinct individual from the ‘Barack Obama 1.0’ that’s been running our country into the ground since January 2009! 


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  1. Did anyone check with the world record folks? The DNC must be shooting for the claim on "most lies in a three day period."

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