Brand New Runyan TV Ad: “True Colors” (VIDEO)

Shelley Adler’s substantively incoherent campaign is going to rely on textbook scare tactics right through November 6th, Save Jerseyans.

The Runyan campaign’s job is much, much easier; the truth stands on its own when Republicans are brave enough to assert it! And it’s even better when the truth involves liberal Democrats like Shelley Adler politically wounding themselves with their own words…

Check out this smart new Jon Runyan TV spot that just went up on air today — titled “True Colors” — obtained first by Save Jersey; not only is it a devastating critique of Adler’s ugly tax record, but it also supports the popular (and growing) perception of Shelley Adler as a woman lacking firm political principles:



87 thoughts on “Brand New Runyan TV Ad: “True Colors” (VIDEO)

  1. Wow. Reading this now solidifies who I will vote for in the next election. If people such as yourself vote for people like Runyan, I want nothing to do with Runyan. "woman lacking firm beliefs"…what is that supposed to mean? From China with love: I am voting for Adler.

    And just so you know.

    From Toms River, age 20


  2. If there were really such a thing as a registered 20-something Republican voting Democrat in Ocean County this year, then Mitt Romney would be trailing 20-points nationally.

    Nice try!

    And by the way… "a woman lacking firm beliefs" means, literally (1) a person of the female gender, who (2) says anything to get elected. Is that easier for you to understand?

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