Shelley Adler: “Dertmined” to Do Nothing About Obamacare

Shelley Adler is challenging Jon Runyan... sort of.

After months of kinda-sorta campaigning for Congress, Save Jerseyans, Shelley Adler (D-NJ3 NJ1) has finally staked out a public position on Obamacare:

She was against it, but won’t support its repeal.


Seeing is believing in last Thursday’s Burlington County Times (emphasis added):

The issue is one of the major focal points in the 3rd Congressional District race between Runyan and Democratic challenger Shelley Adler, who has stated she would not have voted for the law in 2010 but does not want it repealed. Instead, Adler says she wants Congress to make improvements that address the still-rising costs of health care.

Adler’s late husband, John Adler, took the identical position when he represented the district.

On Wednesday, Adler’s campaign spokesman, Michael Muller, reiterated that position and called the repeal vote a “partisan political stunt.”

“Congress must address the rising cost of health care that continues to be a tremendous drain on our economy. Instead, Congressman Runyan engaged in a partisan political stunt today, which is exactly what is wrong with Washington,” Muller said. “His vote would deny health care to people with pre-existing conditions, young adults, and all who seek preventive care. His vote would also drive up prescription-drug costs for seniors — all the while empowering insurance companies.”

The rising costs of healthcare? Really?

How you can think something was a bad idea — yet refuse to support its repeal — is mind-bending enough, Save Jerseyans.

Even more stupefying is how Adler expects to reconcile her support for Obamacare with a $4,076 average Obamacare tax hike on filers in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. That works out to a total $1,490,906,088 districtwide tax hike.

At least she’s finally on the record. Shelley Adler now needs to explain how “affordable” and Obamacare go together. Good luck! The Times gave Adler a bit of a break by assuming (I’m not sure why?) that she had previously “stated” her Obamacare position in public when she never, ever did so.

We won’t be giving her any breaks. Count on it.