Obama’s Negative Bounce? Loses More Ground in Rasmussen, Gallup Tracking

The Obama braintrust in Chicago is starting to sweat, Save Jerseyans.

We still don’t have all of the data in from Tuesday’s debate (only one full night of polling), but so far, it looks like the President may’ve actually lost ground in the major public surveys.

I told you not to worry!

Gallup reports Mitt Romney leading President Obama by 7-points today — outside of the margin of error — among likely voters. That’s up 1-point from yesterday. And as Karl Rove pointed out on Wednesday night, no candidate above 50% in the Gallup poll this late in the race has ever lost.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen Reports shows Romney leading by a 2-point margin, 49% to 47%. That’s also a 1-point improvement from yesterday.

Perspective? At this point in ’08, Rasmussen had Obama up over McCain by 5-points, and Gallup showed Obama leading by 3-7 points (they used two measures – traditional and extended).

Even today’s new PPP poll (a Democrat firm) shows it all tied up at 48% and the President with upside down job approval (only 46% approve).

Mark my words, Save Jerseyans: this race isn’t over. Keep working like your country depended on it (because it does). However… if Gallup is right, and Romney wins by 7-points, forget the state polls; most of the current toss-ups (WI, OH, NV, CO, IA, NH) will swing Romney’s way on November 6th.

Yup… it’s official “panic time” for Obama backers everywhere. Jump ship now! The water is just fine!