Steve Lonegan: Spreading the Gospel in NJ and Beyond

Steve Lonegan: Spreading the Gospel in NJ and Beyond

Whatever happens in November (hopefully a Romney win) the common sense struggle for fiscally responsible government will not be over. Conservative organizations need to be spreading the gospel of limited, constitutional, and solvent governance 365 days a year, every year.

That said, election time is a time like no other when the nation’s politically aware hone in on the issues.

One regional conservative leader and a familiar face to many of you, former Bagota Mayor Steve Lonegan, has been the leading New Jersey voice on this front. Lonegan, who ran in the GOP Gubernatorial primary in ’09 against Christie, has been racing across the state to rallies and speaking engagements in colleges, on the street, and even the news capital of the world –  NYC.

The former Bogota mayor engaged in an amazingly energized politically common sense evangelism, is (for those who don’t know or are new to NJ politics) the current New Jersey state director of Americans For Prosperity and has pioneered what has been called one of the most active AFP branches in the nation. He is also a former GOP candidate for New Jersey governor.

I had the pleasure of attending the AFP rally in New York City designed to challenge the big government message of Occupy Wall Street and the failed economic policies of the Obama administration.

In front of over 80 people in Midtown Manhattan, with dozens of walkers by stopping and listening and with numerous news outlets in attendance, Lonegan and the speakers he introduced shared the hard economic truth of our current path. The speakers – who were Black, Hispanic, and White, and at least one whom is a registered Democrat — courageously spoke of our nation’s great past, pointing out that New York itself was a monument to free markets, and that our present path was the road to economic serfdom.

Like any good sermon, the forecast was not left dark and despondent but rather upbeat and laid out the  path back to economic power, prosperity, and the right course of economic liberalization, de-regulation, and government accountability.

Kudos to Lonegan and AFP. In this contributor’s opinion, we should all be following their lead in preaching the hard truths and bright future the nation has now more than ever and even after the election.


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