Abolish Dependency: Republicans Need to Focus Once Again on Human Freedom

Okay. We lost.

Obama is President for four more years.

You don’t have to like it, but you have to live with it. Yes, the national agenda of the United States of American will be toward a course of “economic equality.” This is not about opportunity to succeed, it is about giving you more if you have less and leaving you with less if you have more. Under this theory, human equality is achieved on an economic level by the passage of laws that require the producers of capital to give it to those who do not produce in order to enhance the economic position of the later.

The concept of working hard to advance through economic strata is eliminated in favor of a government run program to identify those worthy of having public funds handed them under this redistribution plan. This will not be a race-based government policy. It will be geographic. It will be urban based and targeted at other pockets of significant population where certain minimum standards will be set to ensure that most people within those areas fall below the standard by definition. The government will then be legally allowed to hand millions of people large amount of government “assistance” in order to grant them “economic equality.” This is a government run protection and skimming racket. Much like a mob-run operation.

The mafia goes to a business owner in the neighborhood and says, “You can continue to do business, but here is the deal, you have to pay us to protect your business from competition and other hoods and at the end of the week, we are coming around to skim off your profits to hand out to our members.” Same thing. Under the laws of the USA, businesses in America will have to conform to a certain political philosophy in order to be protected. At the end of the week, the government will come and skim off the profits and hand those profits out to people who did not work to create them and whom the government has intentionally made dependent.

This is the new reality. It has been creeping in for years, but it will reach its fruition in the next four.

Accept it. It is here. So, what does that mean for the Republican Party, the political movement founded on a zealous desire to set human beings free? It means that we must become the apostles of a lost faith that needs to be reborn. It means that we have to pick up where that great Republican Frederick Douglass left off. Republicans need to begin again to focus on human freedom. We need to reignite the old creed that founded this nation: that human beings are not free unless government is limited. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

We need to understand the problem a little better first.

“Economic equality” is the latest euphemism for a dependency that approaches slavery (No doubt the writer will now be labeled a racist, but that is an acceptable danger to risk when we are talking about human freedom). Remember, true slavery in the United States was a creature of law. It was a governmental policy and legally enshrined institution. It was not simply the personal intent of a bunch of Southern farm owners. The abolition of slavery was only achieved finally by the adoption of an Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The new dependency is more subtle, and only slightly less of a threat to the freedom of human beings. The evil genius of the old slavery was dependency. Masters made their slaves completely dependent upon the master. The masters created a situation where a slave who might think about freedom would be left with the awful realization of complete dependency. This left the slave with nowhere to run. Place on top of that the entire weight of the laws of the United States, including the holdings of the Supreme Court, and slaves had no choice but to remain on the plantation. The evil genius of the new policy of the United States government is that it recreates a similar system of dependency.

Granted, the legal framework overlaying this governmentally created dependency is not as absolute as it was in the 19th century. People can opt out by generating enough personal success so that they no longer qualify for the government redistribution program. But the program itself all but eliminates any incentive to do so. Personal success guarantees for a member of the dependency program that not only will you no longer be among those who qualify for the dependency program, you now will be required to pay the government for protection and pay the government skim. The existence of the dependency program also creates a burden on those who are personally productive but operating just above the qualification point. They are faced with the extraordinary difficulty of remaining just above the cut off through hard work. Eventually, millions will decide to work just a little less hard so that they too can qualify for the government dependency program. Over time, fewer and fewer people and businesses will be available to pay for protection and contribute the skim, so the protection and skim payments will have to escalate.

Dependency is the greatest threat to human freedom since slavery. Place yourself there. Your home is paid for by the government. Your food is paid for by the government. Your clothes, your shoes, your alcohol, your tobacco, your television, your water, your heat, your schooling, your transportation, your health care, your entertainment, everything is paid for by the government out of the skimmed profits produced by others. Now, imagine you want to get out, you want to throw off the yoke of Dependency. How? Everything you have, everything you are, comes from the government. You are completely and utterly dependent on the government for your very survival. The laws of the United States and the decisions of the Supreme Court have upheld the Dependency system. You are no longer free and the leap to freedom appears to be an impossibility.

The Democratic National Committee ran a television ad in 2012. The narrator pronounced proudly, “Government is the only thing that we all belong to.” This was a statement of policy. With the reelection of Barak Obama, it is now a statement of law. America was never intended to be such a place. No one can argue any differently. America was supposed to be a land where human beings finally threw off the shackles of government. The foundational concepts of America allowed human beings for the first time to put government under the control of the governed. Human beings were no longer required to be a part of the government. The government was a limited institution that was deemed evil by people like Thomas Jefferson, but a necessary evil in order to establish justice and secure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty. No one can argue that Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Franklin would not have found the concept of “all of us belonging to the government” morally, intellectually and physically repulsive.

Jump forward a hundred years in history and no one could argue that Frederick Douglas would not have been similarly repulsed. Government has ALWAYS been the mechanism by which human freedom has been taken away. Jump forward another hundred years, and, as discussed below, Martin Luther King, Jr. would have had the same reaction.

The course for Republicans is clear. We must once again be the Party that champions human freedom.

We must build a new abolitionist movement that takes on the peculiar United States government institution of Dependency. Over the course of the next four years, we need to send people into the Dependency zones to make the argument that human beings are less free under this system. We need to open the eyes of those who are slipping into Dependency and those that are there already that their freedom and the freedom of future generations of their families is being taken away. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 60’s had an overriding concern that there was being created in America a permanent lower class comprised of the descendants of former slaves. That movement rejected the notion and fought for equality of opportunity so that all Americans would have the chance through hard work and character to advance economically while enjoying freedom from the yoke of government. Remember, the Civil Rights Movement was focused on changing laws. The burden of unjust laws was what Martin Luther King, Jr. was fighting against. He saw the corruption of an overbearing and controlling government that was oppressing human beings and limiting their freedom and he gave his life in the effort to take that power away from government.

The times has once again come for the party that was formed as the political mechanism to restore freedom to millions of Americans by the abolition of slavery in the 19th century to return to its roots and redevelop that level of empathy for millions of Americans now caught in or headed into Dependency. This is a message that will resonate with minority communities. There can be no doubt but that there are millions of Americans now trapped in Dependency that are crying for a way out. We need to insist that the private sector create an alternate path for them. We need to force businesses to return to those communities to spread the gospel of the free market, to offer jobs and incentives for growth beyond minimum wage for people of color. An American small business renaissance must occur with the assistance of a private sector that rejects the communalization of America through unjust and freedom killing laws.

This new return to our Republican roots will find fertile soil in the newest immigrants to America. They come from countries where socialist systems have so bankrupted the state and the private economy that, in desperation, they must leave their native lands in order to find opportunity in America. These are human beings, millions of them, driven by such a strong thirst for freedom and economic opportunity that they have been willing to risk their lives to obtain it. The Republican fight against Dependency will resound in their consciousness because it presents them with their vision of what America was supposed to be. These human beings do not want to trade one corrupt and freedom killing system for another. They want to be free. They want opportunity. They do not want to Dependency.

Republicans have been talking to the wrong people about freedom. We have been talking to each other. We have been afraid to venture into the Dependency zones to take the great risk it will take to open the eyes of those whose freedom is being siphoned away from them by the laws of the United States. But now we have no choice. If we love freedom. If we believe in the dignity and the right to be free of every human being, then we have an obligation to pick up this burden. As Frederick Douglass said, “it is not light that is needed, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake. The feeling of the nation must be quickened; the conscience of the nation must be roused.”

In the same vein as Dr. King’s admonition regarding injustice, we must recognize that a threat to freedom anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere. We must force private industry to create a path to economic equality for all Americans that comes, not from government, but from personal work and success. We must reach into the Dependency zones to find the best and brightest and give them the tools to become advocates for the abolition of Dependency. We must be prepared to wade into masses of human beings now living under this governmentally imposed program and show them what true freedom is and stir that ancient drive to be free within them once again.

Our Party began as the champion of human freedom. That is what we are about. That is our heritage and our obligation. If we truly care about freedom, then we must take ourselves to those places where people are least free and open their eyes to their bondage. It is time to pick up the banner of human freedom once again and commit ourselves to freeing our fellow Americans from the snare of Dependency.


Michael John Donohue
About Michael John Donohue 13 Articles
MIKE DONOHUE is a Jersey Shore native, former Superior Court judge, and current Chairman of the Cape May County GOP.


  1. I had this very discussion about the enslavement of citizens through their reliance on a master– the government, in the new American model. There is no capital punishment, but the effect of the new order is far worse — no hope for freedom from reliance.

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