Author: Michael John Donohue

MIKE DONOHUE is a Jersey Shore attorney, former Superior Court judge, and former Chairman of the Cape May County GOP.

Christie’s Dance to the Nomination

By Mike Donohue | The Save Jersey Blog So, Chris Christie has reached the point where his name is all he needs as an introduction (Really, probably just “Christie”), on a national level. Based on about 40 years of observation, Read More

The Tea Party Wing of MSNBC?

By Michael John Donohue | The Save Jersey Blog So, let’s say that in a very Blue state, a Republican came along and ran for Governor. Let’s say that registered Democrats outnumbered registered Republicans by, oh say, 700,000 voters. And let’s add that Read More

Upside to Shutdown?

By Michael John Donohue | The Save Jersey Blog Today I dropped into the part of my mind that obsesses over such things the question of whether this federal government shutdown makes any sense from a governmental or political point of view.  But Read More

Abolish Dependency: Republicans Need to Focus Once Again on Human Freedom

Okay. We lost. Obama is President for four more years. You don’t have to like it, but you have to live with it. Yes, the national agenda of the United States of American will be toward a course of “economic Read More