Final Monmouth U. Poll Shows Dead Heat: Romney 48, Obama 48

The latest Monmouth University Poll of national likely voters reflects what we’re seeing from the other national public polls, Save Jerseyans…

A dead heat: 48% to 48%.

Today’s Rasmussen and Gallup tracking polls (11/5/12) both show a 1-point Romney lead.

The key Monmouth findings?

  • Murray’s poll assumes a D+4 electorate/turnout model (in reality, it was dead even in ’04 and D+7 in ’08).
  • Romney posts a 16-point lead with Independents.
  • Romney trails with women by 5-points but leads among men by 7-points.
  • Romney wins 59% of white voters.
  • Romney maintains a 4-point lead on the economy and the federal budget.
  • Romney’s unfavorable rating (41%) is lower than Obama’s (44%).

Click here to view the full report, data tables and analysis.

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