Polling Station Relocations at the Jersey Shore

Sandy notwithstanding, there’s no good excuse to miss voting this year. They’re making it stupid proof.

As we’ve already told you, Save Jerseyans, Governor Christie’s Administration has responded to Hurricane Sandy power outages/flooding/relocations/gas shortages by expanding your voting options.

Those remedies include voting at your clerk’s office today AND electronic voting.

Here’s a concise summary from the NJGOP.

For those of you who still want/need to vote tomorrow but can’t access portions (or all of) your towns in Hurricane Sandy-ravaged Ocean and Monmouth counties…

Click here for Ocean County polling location changes from that county’s website.

Click here for similar changes in Monmouth County from the Monmouth clerk’s office.

Every NJ resident can click here to visit a state site with local election contact information; you can also click here to find your specific polling location.


5 thoughts on “Polling Station Relocations at the Jersey Shore

  1. Thanks for nothing, Matt. Here in Jackson (Ocean County), New Jersey, your links take this particular voter no where close to actually casting a ballot. You are part of the problem. You are not part of the solution.

  2. There are plenty of Jackson locations listed at that link. Call your county clerk (at the last link) and ask for more information if you're still confused.

    Happy voting!

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