New Poll: Christie Trounces Booker, 53% to 34%

New Poll: Christie Trounces Booker, 53% to 34%

I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a “safe” Republican in New Jersey statewide politics. Obama did just win here by over 17-points.

But if there’s one guy who can test that assumption, it might be the Man from Mendham.

A new Eagleton Poll shows Governor Chris Christie with a clear early advantage over the likely 2013 Democrat field only one day after the incumbent announced his intention to seek reelection.

The head-to-head numbers are nothing short of impressive:

In a series of head-to-head tests against several Democrats thought to be potential 2013 gubernatorial candidates, Christie wins a clear majority in every contest. Newark Mayor Cory Booker does best in this group, but still loses 53 percent to 34 percent, with 13 percent choosing neither candidate. Christie’s margin widens against others, including State Sen. and former Gov. Richard Codey (56 percent to 31 percent), State Sen. Barbara Buono (60 percent to 22 percent), Assemblyman Lou Greenwald (60 percent to 21 percent) and former Democratic state chair Tom Byrne (58 percent to 22 percent). Moreover, few voters know the Democratic candidates well enough to have formed impressions of them, with the exception of Booker.

Are you noticing a pattern? You should. The Viral Governor is benefiting from the same variable that doomed Joe Kyrillos, Save Jerseyans: name recognition. Only Booker comes close to matching Christie in the voter familiarity department, yet even then, the Newark Democrat comes up dramatically short.

Can the right campaign close that gap? Sure. But keep in mind the lessons of #NJ2012, folks… the better known, better funded candidate will win 9 times out of 10.

My electoral advice for the #NJ Democrats? They might be better off inviting Hillary Clinton to move here and run for governor… it worked before in another blue state…

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