Christie Formally Announces, Files for Reelection Bid (UPDATED)

“We’ve decided we’re going to seek reelection.”

That’s what Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) told reporters earlier today during a visit with Port Monmouth first responders.

Christie adviser Mike DuHaime further confirmed for that Christie filed the necessary paperwork with ELEC (New Jersey’s version of the FEC) on Monday.

RGA Chairman Bobby Jindal (a potential 2016 challenger for the GOP nomination) offered his immediate support:

Chris Christie exemplifies the type of results-oriented leadership New Jersey residents expect from their governor. Before Governor Christie took office, Trenton was broken and state government was in disarray. Now, the New Jersey comeback is underway because Governor Christie has shown an ability to achieve major reforms and get things done in a bipartisan manner. He’s closed an $11 billion deficit without a tax hike, capped property taxes and enacted historic education and pension reforms.  Thanks to his bold leadership, Governor Christie is well-positioned to secure a second term and continue the progress New Jersey has made since he took office.”

No surprises here, Save Jerseyans, but still a momentous moment in state political history. Christie is riding high with a 67% to 77% approval rating (depending on the poll) after Hurricane Sandy. He nevertheless faces a reelection fight in a “blue” state that was one of only two in the entire country to go for President Obama by a larger margin than four years ago. Big Labor will also do their best to “Romnify” the Big Guy; it failed in Wisconsin, though Wisconsin is a shade closer to red than the Garden State.

Who will bring that “fight” to one of America’s most recognized, dynamic and controversial political figures remains to be seen.

Let the games begin…


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  1. I wouldn't vote for Christie, and I certainly won't be voting for Jindal if he attempts a presidential run, in 2016, apparently he, Christie and a few others were demanding Romney appoint them to cabinet positions, if he won, and when he didn't win, they reveal their true open borders, closeted lefty natures. I can't stand RINOS. Anyone else reading about the people in New Jersey, who haven't been helped, and Christie is still kissing Obama as a savior, despite fact that the help he promised the state would be "immediate" never happened.

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