Christie Job Approval Reaches 77% in First Post-Sandy FDU Poll

Christie Job Approval Reaches 77% in First Post-Sandy FDU Poll

Thus far, Save Jerseyans, Garden State residents are viewing Chris Christie’s independent streak throughout the Hurricane Sandy as a plus. Today’s new Fairleigh Dickinson University “PublicMind” poll pegs Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating at 77%.

Among those who approve are 67% of New Jersey Democrats. Wow! At 77%, all that’s left on the “disapproval” side are NJ Dem state committee employees, Democrat statehouse staffers and the families/friends/consultants of 2013 challengers. In fact, most of the Governor’s upward movement is coming from D’s.

Click here to view the complete FDU polling report.

A Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released last week showed Christie at 67% among registered votersChristie enjoyed good numbers even before the storm (55% according to Monmouth University).

While it’s very unrealistic to expect numbers this good to persist into an Election year, and we certainly should anticipate many of these blue state Dems jumping ship by next November once a challenge from the Left is on their radar screen, these latest results are undoubtedly giving the Governor’s potential Democrat challengers reason to reconsider their ambitions.

For 2013, anyway.

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  1. The Governor needs to leverage this unprecedented popularity by forcing the legislature to act on his reforms package or risk being swept out in the tid he will create in the next election..Those legistlaters providing anything short of full unequivocal support of these reforms should mark them for public ridicule and ultimate elimination !

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