ObamaCare’s Tomorrow is Britain’s Today

As Governor Chris Christie weighs what to do regarding ObamaCare health care exchanges (for the second time in a year), conservative blogs including Save Jersey have focused almost exclusively on the debilitating cost of ObamaCare and the tax hikes required to maintain it.

But let’s not forget the biggest problem with ObamaCare, Save Jerseyans: regardless of the funding mechanism, it simply doesn’t work.

The Supreme Court did what it did. Obama is reelected. Rationing is now a foregone conclusion; while the President continues to claim that his law forbids rationing, a look at the plain language reveals that ObamaCare “death panel” have the power to restrict payments to save costs.

Click here for a more extended explanation of the infamous IPBA provision.

Suffice it to say, Americans need only look to Britain to see what’s coming down the pike in their immediate future. That country’s centralize health care decision makers have elected to control costs by limiting access to in-person physician appointments:

The ideas, contained in a Health Department report called Digital First, include arming community nurses with iPads in rural areas and making more use of Skype video calling between GPs and patients. There will be more online assessments “augmented” with video calls.

Mobile phone “apps” will be used to access lab reports and health records and negative test results will be sent by text messages rather than delivered in person. Mr Hunt, who made a fortune by creating an internet company, believes that while mobile broadband technology is revolutionising most walks of life, there is a problem once ­people encounter the relatively antiquated systems of the NHS.

The Government is trying to fill a £20billion NHS funding gap and health chiefs want to reduce “needless” appointments that clog up staff time.”

Don’t say you weren’t warned, folks.

Elections have consequences! If you voted for the President on November 6th, and your child, spouse or parent’s critical 2014 doctor’s visits transpire via iPad, you certainly can’t blame George W. Bush and maintain your credibility.


Matt Rooney
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  1. What CRAP, Don't start this crap again about British health service. UK also has private health insurance and hospital.

    ObamaCare IS NOT A British nor Europe health care system. All it does it force people buy crappy insurance. I agree Obamacare which came from Mitt is crap.

    Better Q: why has no one explain why the USA spends 15% of GDP on heatlh, the highest in the WORLD yet does not provide health care for everyone? Where all the money going?

    Here a better way to go for the USA:

    Stupidest Quote I ever heard was from some man saying "Keep you dirty government hands of my Medicare" Irony!

  2. For People who want the truth, which is somewhat lacking in this blog it seems:

    What is Digital first?

    Created by Liz McKiernan, Jul 10, 2012

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    “You have opened up a small door, which has led to something grand”. Patient discussing remote consultation

    Digital first (formerly Digital by default) is a Department of Health initiative which aims to reduce unnecessary face-to-face contact between patients and healthcare professionals by incorporating technology into these interactions. By ‘unnecessary’ we mean, for example, attending a hospital or GP appointment to receive a test result that says everything is OK; or a visit to an outpatient clinic or GP surgery for something that could be discussed on the phone or via email or SKYPE. Digital first is not about replacing doctors or nurses with technology. Patients will still be able to get an appointment with a doctor or a healthcare professional if they choose to. Instead, it is about using technology in healthcare where it can deliver the same high standards in a way that is more flexible and convenient for patients, and at a lower cost.

    How the HELL is this bad? If you lived in the scottish Higlands or in the Walsh Vallys and you have to take 100 mile round trip just to be told everything fine, I bet you would like that option!

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