REPORT: Approximately 35k Rally for Romney Sunday Night in Bucks County (PHOTO)

Our contributor Susanne LaFrankie is in the crowd tonight at Mitt Romney’s Yardley, Pennsylvania (Bucks County) rally, located just 10-15 minutes across the Delaware River from Trenton. Apparently it’s been another record turnout for Governor Romney who has drawn huge crowds (much larger than the President’s own) in battleground states over the past few weeks.

Obama carried Bucks by better than 8-points (roughly his national margin of victory) in 2008. Kerry carried it by a little under 3-points in 2004.

Check out Susanne’s photos below. Lots of coats, signs, and enthusiasm!

The final public poll out of PA, released this morning, shows a dead heat: R 47%, D 47%

7 thoughts on “REPORT: Approximately 35k Rally for Romney Sunday Night in Bucks County (PHOTO)

  1. Former Bucks County guy here in Georgia. Wish I were there. We need you all to vote Romney and Republican!

  2. The crowd was amazing. The energy was amazing. It was an incredible experience. I was in the front row directly in front of the podium and had the honor of shaking the hand of our next President!

  3. It was truly awe-inspiring. Tears welled up in my eyes several times. I was really surprised at the diversity in the crowd. So many young (<30) people in the crowd.

  4. It was freezing. My 9 year old daughter had the time of her life. My wife described it as "a very powerful experience" I thought it was awesome! You had to be there to get it. Very positive energy.

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