Rudy Defends Christie (VIDEO)

Even though they’re very much alike, Save Jerseyans, Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani haven’t always had a drama free relationship.

Perhaps it’s because they’re so much like?

The tough-talking former NYC Mayor was an early supporter of the feisty New Jersey Republican’s ’09 gubernatorial bid. Then Giuliani criticized the newly-elected governor for an out-of-state trip in advance of a late December 2010 snowstorm; never one to let an insult pass unchallenged, Christie dropped by Morning Joe and slammed Giuliani’s decision to “sit in the peanut gallery and shoot away,” something Christie said politicians are able to do when they’re “retired and out of politics.”

I guess they’re over it. Rudy went on CNN yesterday and offered a full-throated defense of Christie’s approach to Hurricane Sandy… and President Obama:


A new poll released Wednesday morning shows Governor Christie earning the approval of 67% of New Jersey registered voters.