Young Republican Holiday Red

A few nights ago, Save Jerseyans, over 40 young adults were in attendance at the Bergen County Young Republican hosted Holiday Party in East Rutherford, NJ.

The party, co-sponsored by Hudson County Young Republicans and charged with raising money to help New Jerseyans in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, took place in the back room of Italian restaurant Café Capri.

Festivities were organized by Stephanie Rubin and featured speakers Bergen County Freeholder Maura DeNicola and former Assembly Majority Leader Paul DiGaetano (also of Bergen County).  State Young Republican Chairman Tony Howley was also in attendance…

Freeholder DeNicola discussed the future of the Republican Party and expressed her belief that though this recent election was disappointing, the future of the party was in the room. DiGeatano spoke about past elections and how Republicans have made come backs before.

Reflecting on the evening, Bergen County Young Republican Chair Ryan Quinones said “It was wonderful to celebrate the holidays with so many friends. Tonight’s large turnout is evidence that the Republicans are enthusiastic and ready for 2013.”

State YR Chairman Howley appreciated how “Freeholder DiNicola and Former Leader DiGaetano provided us with the historical context of what 2013 can mean for the Republican Party, and I am certain that a strong YR presence will grant us the ability to build our party’s base of elected officials at the local, county, and state level in a way not seen since 1985.”

While the evening discourse included the usual glum talk of the recent presidential election, many at the party were excited for Gov. Christie’s reelection race in 2013. Super Storm Sandy was also on everyone’s minds.  

“Ultimately, the biggest success of the night is the fact that we will be able to help victims of Hurricane Sandy,” said Quinones. “We are donating the proceeds from this event to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. This contribution is small in comparison to the sacrifices made by our first responders, but every bit of help is a blessing to those in need.”