A Sweeney Poll in the Field?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Sweeney and Christie discussing their "compromise" with the media.Heard some interesting news via a friend the other day, Save Jerseyans.

She received a telephone call on Thursday evening from an organization (unfortunately she couldn’t remember the name, or whether the calling center was formally affiliated with any campaign) conducting a public poll in the Garden State. For what?

A hypothetical head-to-head Christie vs. Sweeney matchup this upcoming November. She said the interviewer seemed to be pushing her towards supporting Sweeney, though no bias or partisan affiliation was explicitely stated during the call.

I guess there’s truth to the rumor that Democrats are revisiting the Buono scenario?

She’s certainly off to a weak start. There’s a lack of enthusiasm even within her core constituency, and perhaps downright hostitility among some Southern Democrats. I maintain that Cory Booker’s chickening-out has put the state party in a perilous position.

In order to contain the  down-ballot damage of a potential November Christie rout (and perhaps position himself for a strategically juicy spot in the developing Booker vs. Pallone ’14 Senate Primary), the Senate President may want to take his chances against Christie at least as a name-recongnition building exercise.

Sweeney wasn’t even included in the lastest public poll. A September poll found Sweeney with a 35% name recognition rating statewide, behind his Senate nemesis Dick Codey (48%) but well-ahead of Buono (18%).


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Matt Rooney
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  1. Barbaraa Buono ROCKS. It's time for some new thinking gentlemen.

  2. I've heard it said, that some people believe WOMEN are not accounted for in the constitution. That it reads, ALL MEN are CREATED EQUAL…..do we need clarification, in the form of an amendment, because I am ready to put this sneaky, twisted, mentality out in the open. HOW ABOUT IT? The women of NJ trusted you….and were let down…

  3. We've already had a woman governor. Oh, that's right: She was a Republican, so she doesn't count, yes?

  4. If Sweeney even came close to a win I would post the "House For Sale" sign before sunrise

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