The Garden State – New Jersey


Many people have been wondering how the state of New Jersey got its nickname, Garden State. Actually, we can trace its origin back in 1926, when Alfred Heston presented an account of the story of New Jersey, explaining a certain moment back in the year 1876. It all started when Abraham Browning likened New Jersey to a big barrel, which are complete with different things to eat; a barrel which is open on both ends. Each end was grabbed by different settlers, the Pennsylvanians on one end, while the New Yorkers on the other side.


The Origin of the Name


Abraham Browning called the state as the Garden State at that period mentioned, and it has then remained as such. Though New Jersey traces back its roots to activities related to gardening, the modern name might produce a more extensive explanation. Back in 1954, the Governor of the state refused to indicate his signature on a bill which purposed to add the nickname to the license plates in the state. Even though it is quite true that the state of New Jersey is strong in many different areas, such as mining, manufacturing, and construction, it can always be said that the modern ties can be quite extensive.

Modern New Jersey has almost a dozen of different garden clubs, as well as various state associations which sponsor two big community gardens. There are also several garden museums, bird sanctuaries, and several other historical garden sites. In addition, New Jersey is also home to many different farms that supply corn, tomatoes, cranberries, blueberries, peaches, bell peppers, apples, lettuce, potatoes, strawberries, soybeans and hay. Moreover, New Jersey is also home to famous wines since there are many different wineries spread all over the state.


The Modern New Jersey


These days, the modern New Jersey is also home to many different business establishments, as well as shopping centres. Residents of New Jersey also enjoy modern forms of entertainment, both in the physical location of the city, as well as its virtual counterpart, the Internet. As a matter of fact, residents of New Jersey enjoy online gaming facilities, such as LotteryPlanet. In sites like this, gamers are given the chance to have fun, and earn some cash at the same time. These indoor activities are also loved by the people of New Jersey as an alternative form of entertainment.