Sequester Happens, Sun Rises

Will Obama’s Latest “Cry Wolf” Routine Awaken Any Deluded Voters? It’s Possible.

By Matt Rooney The Save Jersey Blog

SunriseOur contributor Dale Glading certainly wasn’t wrong yesterday when he observed “[i]t now seems that the only way to prevent Congress from spending our tax dollars like drunken sailors and borrowing from China at an alarming rate is to force its hand.”

Dale was referring, of course, to sequestration. It’s just the latest manmade, Obama-manufactured crisis designed to discredit the GOP House. There’s some debate as to when sequestration actually transpires; the consensus is that it’ll go down sometime today when Obama decides to pull the trigger.

Don’t forget for a second how we arrived at this sad pass. Back on November 21, 2011, the President had pledged to “veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts to domestic and defense spending.” The White House had celebrated sequestration as a bipartisan “win for the economy and budget discipline.”

Those are the kinds of things a President heading into reelection with weak approval ratings WOULD say after losing the House just one year earlier! But he’s changed his tune since securing another term, proclaiming last Tuesday that “[n]ow, for two years, I’ve offered a balanced approach to deficit reduction that would prevent these harmful cuts.”

And they called Mitt a flip-flopper? But that’s not really the point, is it? We already know this jerk is a serial liar and an objectively bad dude. Ask Watergate antihero Bob Woodward.

The real question: is this pass really so bad?

Sometime Friday, President Obama will cut $85 billion from projected spending over the next twelve (12) months, or a little more than 2% of the $3.8 trillion our government will spend in FY 2013. That means the federal government will still likely spend $100 billion more than it did in 2011. Oh, the horror!

The truth hasn’t stopped them from lying about it. Obama surrogates are wildly throwing around figures without any basis in fact. 40,000 teachers losing their jobs! That’s what Obama’s Ed Secretary contemplated. Rep. Maxine Waters even claimed the country could lose 170 million jobs… all because the political branches couldn’t compromise to prevent a return to 2011 spending levels. None of it’s true, but all of it is presumably persuasive to “low information” voters. Other wounds are deliberately self-inflicted. The cancellation of an aircraft carrier deployment to the Persian Gulf and the release of thousands of prisoners weren’t necessary. Obama has the flexibility to make cuts in more appropriate places. He wants voters to see problem and blame the GOP for it.

The potential silver lining in all of this silliness, Save Jerseyans? The sun came up today at 6:33 a.m., just like it did after the fiscal cliff detour and the Mayan Apocalypse. Trains will run. Planes will fly. Highways are open. Children will go to school, too, though they may still not learn anything despite record levels of funding for education in states like New Jersey. But the world won’t end, so maybe – just maybe – when the President cries wolf again in the very near future, a few less sheeple will fall for it? 


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