Balles to Whelan: Copy Van Drew

New Christie Administration Tax Cut Plan Blurs Messaging Battle Lines in Some Key Swing Districts

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Frank BallesGovernor Chris Christie’s “divide and conquer” policies continue to produce strange bedfellows at both ends of the GS Parkway, Save Jerseyans.

The latest example: LD1 GOP hopeful Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt called out incumbent Dem Sen. Jeff Van Drew on Tuesday for backing Governor Christie’s tax cut proposal after having supported numerous tax increases during his tenure. Today, Frank Balles of neighboring LD2 called out his own Democrat opponent, Sen. Jim Whelan, suggesting that the former AC mayor should take a page from Van Drew’s book…

Governor Christie’s property tax proposal is a commonsense plan that will ease the tax burden on our hard working families, give them a little more room in their monthly budgets, and encourage economic growth,” Republican Senate candidate Frank X. Balles said. “I fully support Governor Christie’s proposal and I call on Jim Whelan to make the right choice for New Jerseyans and join his Democrat and Republican colleagues in easing the tax burden on our hard working families instead of taxing the miles we drive and the bags we bring our groceries home in.”

Both districts are considered top Senate pick up opportunities for the GOP. 

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