GOP Senate Oozing Optimism

Kean Believes Requisite 5 Seat Pick Up is a Real Possibility Thanks to Chris Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The Assembly GOP rallied outside the Statehouse yesterday afternoon, Save Jerseyans, but they’re not the only Republicans on the ballot this year who appreciate how their fortunes could change if Chris Christie does ultimately beat Barbara Buono in “landslide” fashion this November. What that “wave” looks like is the only real point of contention among insiders.

Senate GOP’ers are also excited and, given the reality of the numbers, they may stand a better chance of picking up the requisite seats for control (5) than their General Assembly colleagues (who need a total of 9 flips in addition to holding all current territory). 

Senate GOP Leader Tom Kean, Jr. told NJTV this week that he sees the wave cresting and fully expects many incumbent Dems to be washed away:

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