Ultimate Irony

Ultimate Irony

Supreme’s Voting Rights Ruling Reveals Ultimate Irony

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

Supreme CourtWe hate the word “ironic.”

We really do.

We think it’s dreadfully overused.

But sometimes . . . . well, it seems there’s just no other word that will do.

And that’s the case here.

We’re talking about Tuesday’s United States Supreme Court decision in the Voting Rights Act case — the decision in which the Supreme Court basically threw out a key component of the law.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion for the Court. And, in essence, here was his message: Times have changed. We must move on. What was needed yesterday is no longer needed today. We’ve changed. Society has moved on. People’s minds and attitudes and actions have changed and so, we cannot go back to the old ways. We must get up to date, open our eyes, accept the new realities and move forward.

That’s basically what the Chief said.

And, here’s the irony…


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