22 Korean Orgs Endorse Christie

22 Korean Orgs Endorse Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Korean FlagGovernor Chris Christie’s coalitions team continued to earn its pay today, Save Jerseyans, as twenty-two separate Korean-American organizations announced their support of his reelection campaign.

“It is a particularly special and gratifying moment to accept the support of 22 different organizations and leaders who span nearly every facet of engagement in our state’s Korean-American community – business, civic, cultural, professional and religious,” said Governor Christie by way of a campaign press release. “Such a broad show of support doesn’t happen without relationships and engagement, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of cooperation over the last four years. I’m thankful for the broad show of support from the Korean-American community, but I’m even more thankful for the work we’ve done together and the foundation of partnership we’ve built for the work we still have left to do for our state.”

The GOP incumbent’s campaign has made significant inroads with traditional Democrat constituencies this cycle; recently, his campaign even opened a bilingual office in Paterson. It’s all about improving his margins with key demographics in November 2013, Save Jerseyans… and improving the rationale for giving him the Republican nomination in November 2016, too.

The list of orgs/leaders backing Gov. Christie is below the fold:

Overseas Korean Traders Association of New Jersey

Korean Marine Corps Veterans Association of New Jersey

Penel Concert Choir

New Jersey Taekwondo Association

Korean Pastors Association

Korean Real Estate Association of NJ

Korean American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

Hudson County Taekwondo Association

Eastcoast Korean Real Estate Association

Korean American Grocery Association

New Jersey Central Korean American Association

New Jersey Korean American Dry Cleaning Association

New Jersey Korean American Nail Association

New Jersey Korean American Beauty Salon Association

Paul Yoon, Immediate Past President, Asian Pacific American Lawyers Association

Kenneth Yu, President, Korean American Association of New Jersey

Andrew Kim, President, Korean American Civic Action Committee

Ki-Jung Kim, President, Korean American Veterans Association

Tae-Bok Kang, President, Korean American Senior Citizens Organization

Heather Choi, Chairman, Korean American Womens Association

John Chang, President, Korean American Association of Palisades Park

Choy Kyung Hee, Vice President, Holy Name Hospital – Korean Medical Program

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